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Newlin Greene Annual Dues Invoice
Posted on Jan 29th, 2017

2017 Annual Dues                                                                                          $700.00
due by Tuesday March 1st, 2017
Please enclose the below section of this email containing your name, address with your payment of $700 by 3/1/2017. Any outstanding payments not received by April 1st will be charged a late fee of $50.00.
Please remember to fill out an Architectural Review Request on the Newlin Greene website at least 30 days before any changes or construction that is planned for your home exterior and property. See Declarant Section 11.7 Architectural Control.  Non-compliance with the Newlin Greene By-Laws and Declarants can result in a fine of $2,000.00.
Also check regularly for updates on the Newlin Greene website at .  
Please ensure to put your address in the memo line if it is not already on your payment.
Make checks payable and mail to:                      NGHA
                                                                        PO Box 878
                                                                        Unionville, PA 19375

Newlin Greene Homeowner’s Association
2017 Annual Dues: $700
Due: Tuesday March 1, 2017

Street Address: 
Email address changes: 
Phone number : 
Please note any changes to your email or phone number can be updated using the Your Profile link.
Thank You.
Newlin Greene Homeowners Association
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