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Common Facilities
Posted on Jun 17th, 2020

As we all enjoy the summer outdoors with family, friends and pets, please remember that pets are not permitted to run loose or uncontrolled in or in the Common Facilities. Thank you for your cooperation.
Section 11.5 Animals And Pets. No animals of any kind other than usual
household pets shall be kept or maintained on any part or portion of the Lots and no horses,
cows, goats, hogs, poultry, pigeons, bees, or similar animals shall be kept on any portion of
the Property or Lots. No building(s) or improvement(s) shall be erected or maintained on any
Lot which shall be used for the habitation or enclosure of any animal(s) excepting that usual
household pets may be housed within the dwelling houses. No kennels are allowed. No animal
shall be allowed to become a nuisance. Small dog houses are permitted provided they are no
more than four (4) feet by four (4) feet and have the same color as the Dwelling on the Lot and
are located in the back of the Dwelling. No pet shall be permitted to run loose or uncontrolled
in or on the Common Facilities. Pet owners shall immediately clean up any waste left by pets
anywhere on the Common Facilities.
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