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Welcome to the site of the Newlin Greene Homeowner's Association (NGHOA).
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Newlin Greene Community Newsletter - July 2024
Posted on Jul 4th, 2024

Newlin Greene Community Newsletter

July 2024

Dear Newlin Greene Residents,

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining a healthy and vibrant community, the Newlin Greene Board has diligently worked to uphold the standards set forth in our stormwater basin maintenance by-laws. One critical aspect of our responsibilities has been ensuring that the inlet and outlet structures of our stormwater facilities remain clear and functional. However, we have faced a persistent challenge: controlling the algae growth in these basins.

Introducing Our New Stormwater Basin Management Service

After thorough consideration and consultation, we are pleased to inform you about our strategic decision to engage a professional stormwater basin management service. This proactive step is aimed at effectively managing the algae issue and ensuring the long-term health and functionality of our stormwater systems.

Why Aquatic Environment Consultants?

We have chosen to partner with Aquatic Environment Consultants, a reputable service provider with a strong track record in our area. Aquatic has been successfully managing stormwater basins for several local HOA communities as well as the Kennett Country Club, whose basins are in excellent condition. Their expertise and effective solutions align perfectly with our needs.

Benefits of Professional Management

1. Enhanced Basin Health Regular and professional maintenance prevents algae overgrowth, ensuring clear inlet and outlet structures for efficient water flow and reduced flooding risk.
2. Cost-Effective Solution: Preventive maintenance is more economical than extensive repairs, helping us avoid higher costs associated with potential damage.

3. Aesthetically Pleasing Environment: Well-maintained stormwater basins contribute to the overall beauty of our community, enhancing property values and visual appeal.

4. Community Compliance and Safety: Ensuring that only authorized personnel conduct maintenance aligns with our bylaws and mitigates safety risks, reducing liability and ensuring proper procedures are followed.

Our Commitment to You

The Newlin Greene Board remains dedicated to preserving the beauty and functionality of our community’s stormwater basins. By employing Aquatic Environment Consultants, we are taking a significant step towards sustainable and effective stormwater management. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we implement these measures. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the HOA Board.

Together, we can ensure that Newlin Greene remains a safe, beautiful, and environmentally responsible place to live.

Warm regards,

The Newlin Greene Board


By partnering with a professional service, we not only address the algae problem efficiently but also uphold the standards and safety of our community. Thank you for your continued support and vigilance in maintaining the harmony and beauty of Newlin Greene.

Here is the company website for you to review the company and it also answers alot of questions pertaining to Algae control.

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